Wednesday, June 12, 2013

      Well we settled in and did some sight seeing over the weekend and no matter which way we look each sight is just too much for words. There are miles of wild flowers every where and just so many snow capped mountains that I have at this point over a hundred pictures of mountains and flowers. We have seen many Elk and Prong Horns .The Bison heard here is over 800 animals and there are many young among them. Still haven't seen any Mountain Goats or Mountain Lyons but we have heard them at night up in the high mountain areas up in the Pine Forests behind where we are parked. We however have a rather large ground squirrel population , they are just so cute. but they also feed our small group of Coyotes that serenade us most evenings and in the morning. The area in front of the RV which is over a mile and a half wide is just beautiful with the Flat River and marshes that are full of all manner of Ducks and Geese. We also have a small group of Swans that are in residence across from us. Lauren has settled into the Historic House here on the Refuge and is Volunteering with our friend Jim who we meet at Anahauc at the beginning of the year. As for me I am volunteering with the Refuge maintenance crew, a colorful group of folks that are as diverse as any group can be so as there is never a dull moment when we are together. There are many building in the Refuge that house some Refuge Staff and we also do the maintenance on the Jackson Hole main Visitor Center so the is always some thing that needs fixing. The VC serves not only the Refuge but also Teton NP, Yellowstone NP ,and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. It makes for a really busy place . Where we are located we are 35 miles from the Idaho border and only 40 miles from Yellowstone's  South entrance. On some of the more busy weekends there can be 3 to 5 thousand people through the Visitor Center, hard to imagine .        G

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