Saturday, February 17, 2018

Pea Island to Anahuac

As the Tundra Swans and the Snow Geese are hanging out the Eagles are following close by and always looking for an easy meal .

Every time the Eagle makes a flyby the birds get all excited and lift off, where they make crash into each other and make the Eagles hunting that much easier.

It was an awesome site watching all the shore birds work a large school of bait fish out by the wreck of the Oriental just across from the Visitor Center on Pea Island .So many birds that they actually drowned out the cars passing by .

Watching the Pelicans and the Gannets fly up and just drop straight down into the ocean was amazing . This went on for 5 hours .

Now this was the view from our back window . Yes that is really snow and it's 20 degrees out . Should not happen here in Nags Head .

Well you know that the weather is not always what it should be and we tell the visitors that the snow doesn't stay very long ?

Well this season seems to be just a bit out of the normal .The snow stayed for 3 weeks and it was sooooo cold .

So much ice and snow and if you have ever been to and area that usually doesn't have much it really can make for some interesting travel . Cars off the roads every where .

Cape Hatteras National Seashore , there should not be snow here.

The Bonner Bridge , covered with 2 inches of ice and snow , yes we were the only vehicle on the road .

The never ending removal of sand from NC12,. the sand just blows over the road and it needs to be cleared every few days to keep both lanes open.

It's not supposed to be this cold here . Darn

Frozen sea water in the VC entrance


Snow and frozen waves by the Oregon Inlet where the new bridge construction is going on. You have to feel for the contractor trying to keep to a deadline for the new structure

The entrance road to Bodie Island Lighthouse , a half mile from our RV.

Just so pretty when covered in snow

Not some thing you expect to see in an area where sand castles are normally built

Wind and snow , pooh. The day of the storm this side of the RV had 2 inches of ice on it and it took 12 hours for the ice on the door to melt so we could go outside . The second storm we had was classified as a winter hurricane and we had gusts to 74 miles per hour . We are so glad we have a zero degree unit . Warm and snug inside and cold as all getup outside .

And just when it looked like the first snow would finally go , boom ,9 more inches . So we said good by to the snowy Outer Banks and headed back towards Texas

And of course along the way we just had to visit , a Refuge

And like most of the smaller Refuges , the Visitor Center was closed so all you an do is take a peek. OH well.

Nice Pelican shot on the Refuge .

Back at Anahuac and a trip around Shoveler  pond and we found that there are now numerous Muskrats now living in it .They are cute .

Of course it's always nice to see some of our favorite birds .

And of course the always present wild pigs that are just creating havoc all over the refuge when they start digging up everything in site . A piggy will eat just about everything it can smell.

A very handsome face .

A Tri Color Heron just enjoying the day . One of the few since we arrived , It has rained all but 2 days in the last 10 .

Now there is a cute face

There are 10's of thousands of Snow Geese here and they can make some major noise when moving around the refuge .

Some Roseate Spoonbills moving over the RV Pads

Just lovely, And it is really nice being back in Texas , it may be rainy but at least we are in the high 70's here and not the 20 degrees we left in North Carolina . The few couple of snow days that ended up being 2 weeks worth and the wind chills in the single digits were just awful .Our  next year there we will be warmer we hope .

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time Just Slips by so fast

So after 30 years of Court cases there is finally going to be a new Bonner Bridge .

I have been on a number of good sized jobs over the years , but this one is just amazing .

We all could all retire quite nicely for what the Crane Rental would be for one week. There are 13 large cranes and 6 small ones on this project .

Forgot to mention the Barge Mounted units . This is our view every  time we go to the Pea Island VC .

Some of this looks like something out of Star Wars some days .

They are working the Bridge in three separate sections . If I had a dollar for each time I heard at the VC , we sure hope all the pieces line up , it would be a tidy sum.

Cape Hatteras light house. We did do some sight seeing .

Just another Sand storm on Highway 12 in the Refuge .

Not a blurry picture . Just blowing sand

We did a trip over to Fort Raleigh to see what was new .

Not much has changed , but always a pleasant day .

If you make a trip to the Outer Banks in Season , we recommend you try to see this play .

This Stage is full of life during the production .

The Beach at the Forts water front .

A view of Jockeys Ridge State Park from the Forts Beach

A cool looking tree growing on the Beach .

So many Squirrels at the Forts many walking trails .

We had a good many Monarchs pass through this season

They loved the Indian Blanket flowers

Some angry Sunrises during the Hurricanes

Angry Ocean

The waves washed away the Dune that protected the Refuge entrance

Just so awesome and scary

The State removing the four feet of sand from the Refuge parking lot and rebuilding the dune

So many Beautiful Sunrises

Where we Volunteer

One of the many fishing boats off shore

Love the Pelicans

To think that 30 years ago the Brown Pelican was almost lost to the world . They are majestic birds

Love Sunrise at the Refuge

The start of the Tundra Swans coming into the Refuge .

And the Swans start to arrive in numbers

More Swans

And of course with the Swans come , the Bald Eagles

So many Swans

And a young Eagle has also arrived and they just love the Osprey stand

At this point there are about 5,000 Swans and 10,000 various ducks of many species .

I have many excuses for not doing a post for a couple of months. But there is so much to do in the area and so little time to enjoy long walks on the beach and many places to visit .