Sunday, January 8, 2017

It's 2017

There are lots of wild pigs all over the Refuge right now. This one had two little ones with her but I couldn't get a picture of them.  When I stopped the car to take the picture they scurried under the fence                                                                                                                                                                                             

Just one of those god pictures .                    As you go through this blog the dates on the pic's are sometimes all over the place . Just the way I picked them out . There just for the joy of taking and posting them.

The Hawk migration is in full swing and there are all manner of Hawks in all areas of the Refuge . The Refuge system in this region has once again grown . The Refuge acquired another large section of the Gulf Coast with the purchase of Sabine Ranch . The land had gone up for sale and the refuge managed to out bid a developer with the help of several partner organization's to save the area .No more refineries or home developments in this area , just beautiful wetlands for the critters .

A Snowy Egret stepping out along Shoveler Pond . It has been nasty cold here the last several days with lows in the 20's . To dang cold for here .

How many ducks can sit on a piece of drift wood in Shoveler Pond ? There are literally thousands of migrating ducks resting up before they move farther south .

A big Blue hanging out .

We had a few days in the low 80's and all the Turtles came out to sun themselves .

Even the Gators were every where on those warm days ,

We had snakes all over the roads trying to warm up the other day .Not really sure about this one but by it's actions I believe it's a Mississippi Green Water Snake .

A little out of order but you get the idea that we went from the eighties to the twenties in a weeks time .

Just striking a pose

A Diamond Back Water Snake just looking at me as I take his photo

This guy had a real attitude and coiled up and jumped at me several times . As you can see there are no shots of that as I was moving back rather quickly  . These Yellow bellied Water Snakes are known for their bad tempers .

A American Bittern hunting along side of the Refuge Road

We watched as it had just  finished eating a mouse and now enjoying the day .

It almost looks like the Ibis is herding the Whistling ducks as they cross the road . There were more ducks on both sides of the road. These were all the baby ducks I had posted pictures of in the summer and now they are gathering to get ready for the flight further South.

I'm just so beautiful . A Cormorant striking a pose for me .

Do I need to groom some more . It appears all my feathers are in place .The  Coots are just a neat little duck .

A Muskrat grazing on the lush grass along the pond road .Yes there are other animals  on the Pond other than birds .

                                                                   Time to move on . Just too much attention for one day .                                        Well it's another year on the road and it has been an up and down journey . Most of our health issues are behind us and we are looking forward to new adventures this year . We will be leaving here in May and going to Savannah Georgia to the Refuge there for 14 weeks and then back to Pea Island . Looking so forward to moving around again. Hope you all had a Great New Years Eve and hopes for a really awesome one to come.  G

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Xmas

                   Merry Xmas to all from Texas

We miss you all and we will keep all of you in our Heart on this most Beautiful day.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

As always a little behind on postings

A CaraCara lands in the tree behind our RV looking for s meal of fresh Grackle

Of course the Grackles are hiding under our vehicles

The Super Moon from thee RV pads

The Snow Geese are slowly coming back by the thousands

In flight

The rice fields turn white as they land

And of course as the geese arrive so do the Eagles and Hawks

Now that the weather is much cooler here , days in the seventy's and nights in the fifty's the Gators have come out of hiding.

Just striking a pose

And now a profile shot

Cormorants and an Egret enjoying the sun

A caracara hunting

Raccoons are starting to come back in numbers on the Refuge . It's been eight years since the hurricane wiped out all the little critters here.

Just watching me take it's picture

Our baby whistling ducks are all grown up. They all seemed to survive the summer season with little loss.

Just drying it's feathers. These Cormorants have no oils to spread so after they spend time in the water they have to come out and dry themselves . Having held them , their feathers feel more like fur.

Lauren hard at work on the Butterfly garden in the refuge .A cool day, so many layers.
Lauren helping out at a gathering for a very sick friend who works at the refuge.
As the butterflies move in, this Gulf Fritillary landed and was just beautiful. 

Loving the flowers

Thousands of shore birds move into one of new ponds on the Refuge

A little hard to see, there is a Burrowing Owl in the dark spot along the concrete on the left .

These guys are every where here

Lots of little shore birds

One of the big gators coming out of his burrow all covered with grasses

Just posing , looks like we are here until next May. Then we are off to a new Refuge for us in Georgia for the summer , Savannah NWR just a few miles north of Savannah . Then back to Pea Island in September. On the home front we are going to Houston on Monday to see another doctor to try and resolve Laurens medical issue . Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving .                                                                                                                     G

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Staying i Texas for a little longer.

A Night Heron  giving me a great pose .

Just hanging out , most of the other Herons have already moved on as we have had a couple cool days and it has triggered the migration south .

Our duck families are almost done with their training and are enjoying the pond . With most of the other ducks having moved on we now await the arrival of the ducks from the north on their southern migration.

Just a joy to watch as they feed .

These Vultures are enjoying the fresh cut grass and are sunning themselves . They are also looking for the little critters that didn't make their way out from the grass cutters .

With the Alligator hunt over the ones who were in hiding are now making their presence known again.

Just a sunny day and all is good. Cooler nights and warm days make it perfect for them.

My favorite subject , I have been taking pictures of this one for the last several months and I'm always in awe as to the grace it displays as the hunt goes on in it's daily routine . 

A new born sunning itself .

One of those really still days and it's just perfect for a flight over one of the Refuge bayous .

Another one of the larger family groups on a little walk along the pond .

In the last week tens of thousands of Black birds have been passing through on their southern migration and the racket they make is just so beautiful to hear. It makes us glad to see the birds in such large numbers again . It brings back memories when I was little and the bird migrations would fill the skies .

Had a really still morning on the way to open the VIS in the Refuge yesterday morning  and all the spider webs were covered in dew with the sun just starting to light them up . All covered with natures jewels .

A spider checking out the early morning catch.

A different pattern in this web . It's a shame the goldenrod tore  a hole in the center.

A controlled burn going on in the Refuge . They are getting the marshes ready for the fall migration of ducks and geese . In the next two weeks more RV families will arrive and the Refuge will become a very busy place. First the Raptors will arrive in large numbers and then  ducks and geese by the tens of thousands, soon after that the song birds . So many different migrations . At least they do arrive a little spaced out . But it's just so wild when there is a hundred thousand birds of different species here .

This mornings Sunrise , it was just so awesome . The temperature here was 54 degrees and with no humidity it was a joy to be outside . This is the beginning of the weather change here and it's a welcomed relief . It's weird to have the AC cycle . The silence is weird after it running nonstop for the last 6 months.
So here we are in Texas still and we assume we will be staying awhile longer as we still haven't resolved Laurens medical issue. We met with a new doctor and he has put her on a new drug to see if we can clear up her problem without having to do surgery. It's a ten day regiment so we will once again have to be patient and wait for the outcome.