Monday, April 30, 2012

If you like wading in the water did you know
alligators like to swim in the open water to.
There we were sitting at a table and he dropped in for a visit.
We have settled in for the evening inVinton, La.  We have been in Kerrville, Texas for the last week enjoying the RV Dreams Rally.  We made new friends, re-connected with old friends, and learned some new things.  If you ever have dreams to RV, I would recommend RV Dreams as a start.  They make the experience fun while you learn the "ropes" and Howard and Linda Payne are great! Tomorrow, we will head into New Orleans for a couple of days.  We always have a great time there!  How can you resist Cafe DuMonde or the Oyster Po' Boy sandwiches?  We will keep you posted on the "VooDoo" that is New Orleans. Hopefully, I will get my voice back(my hands are getting tired trying to make my words heard-LOL) Hugs-L 

Friday, April 27, 2012

We were looking at what to do in our area and found these at a Arts Collage just a few miles from us. They brought back good memories with Linda and Rick on one of our over the Pond trips.   G
You never Know what you will find

Just five mile  from the RV Park in Kerrville TX

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Well we are now in Kerrville Texas and will be here until Monday. The RV park is really nice and the people here are really nice. We came to this park for the RV Dreams Rally and have meet up with people we have meet on the road over the last year. It's a little like when we went to our Rev War Events. We have once again entered into a zone that Verizon has not bothered with so our phones work every now again when we go out sight seeing. We will try our best to keep in touch for the next few days .                                                                                       G

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hi All, We are in Rockport Texas at the Bayview RV Park. We have stayed here before and really like the area. This is our first chance to post from here because they had a very bad lightning storm the day we arrived and it hit their computer system and it has been down for 5 days. The other reason is Verizon hasn't heard of this area yet. Phones barely work on roam and my air card doesn't get any bars at all.We will be moving Monday to Kerrville TX. Hope things work better there.             G

We would have been camped on the beach on Padre Island but the storm did some major beach damage and threw up some major seaweed onto the shoreline, while we could have dealt with that, what was happening was that the sun was drying out the seaweed and the smell was terrific! So we came a little north and settled in at Rockport.  It is a very nice town and the people are extremely friendly and you are still on the waterfront.  The storm also brought out the most ferocious mosquitoes! Thank you, Kelly, for the Bullfrog with repellent! It has keep us relatively bite free! Hugs-L

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally back into the electronic age. Traveled 300 miles yesterday and we are now on Mustang Island in the Texas State Park for 2 nights. The Gulf was a bit active yesterday and when we arrived the park had been out of power for 10 hours as the storms that ripped through were very severe.As we set up things got better and the power came on and it was a beautiful evening.  When you are 1 dune away from the Gulf how can things be bad.                                G
Lots of color
Bird nests in the rocks
Mexico on the left & Texas on the right with the rio Grande in the center
When bird watching also look down

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hi All,
Travel day today. Left BigBend NP today on our way to Padre Island NP. We are settled in for the night in DelReo Texas. We stopped in at Armastad NP after we set up and found out that there is a huge lake here and that it is the 3rd largest International Lake in the world. It was created by a dam that was built by the US and Mexico .Stuff you learn along the way.                      G

Friday, April 13, 2012

 We are camped in Big Bend National Park, the campground is very close to the Rio Grande and the border of Mexico.  We decided to come here after looking over the Texas tour book you get at their visitor centers.  You have to love this state.  They are so helpful, and the tour book is the most comprehensive of any we have gotten so far.  We arrived late yesterday.  After entering the park, you have another 48 miles to drive to the campground!  Just like the rest of Texas this place is huge!  After getting set up, we took a short tour to look over the Rio Grande and Mexico, then we went to the hot springs.  It was 6 pm and 95 degrees.  In the site where the hot springs are located are some ruins of a store.  So we went to look around them.  The site is overhung with cliffs and the cliff swallows have their nests clinging to the sides.  Spectacular! George was taking photos and we were walking toward the ruins when we heard a swallow making such a fuss, George stepped up the stairs to the ruins only to be "rattled" at by a rattlesnake! They really are not aggressive, but they definitely warn you they are there!  Imagine our surprise and delight at finding him!  They site is overrun by lizards, birds, snakes, and I'm sure other things I may not want to meet (lol)!  This morning I awoke at dawn to watch the sun come up over the mountains, and standing in the door of the RV I watched 3 coyotes move through the camp area, maybe I should say I and 4 cats watched the coyotes!  There were 5 sets of wide eyes!  It was awesome, to say the least.  I am excited to see what today holds....There is no cell service and I am using the park WI-Fi to reach you.  Have a great day! Hugs-L

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yesterday was so beautiful, we decided to head south and go to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park,  What a gorgeous site this is, it is in Texas just over the New Mexico border. The park has over 80 miles of hiking trails and over half of the park (47,000 acres) has been protected by Congress under the Wilderness Act.  We hiked two of the trails, that were within my abilities.  One of the trails lead to the Pinery Butterfield Stagecoach Station.  All that is left of the mid-1800's site are ruins.  Then we went to the Frijole Ranch History Museum.  There we interacted with some mules and a roadrunner, who was so fast we couldn't catch him on film.  Then we drove into McKittrick Canyon.  It is hard to describe, the dessert and the mountains blending together with a wonderful array of cacti.  In the evening, we had a terrific thunderstorm roll through.  New Mexico and Texas really need the rain, many areas we visited have been burned by wildfires.  Today we went to Carlsbad Caverns and took the opportunity to go into the cavern using the Natural Entrance instead of going into the cavern using the elevators.  The Natural Entrance is the original and historic entrance.  You descend over 750 feet into the earth!  It was awesome.  This cavern is absolutely the best cave experience you can have.  The historic entrance and the Big Room tour is totally self guided, so you can take as much time as you want to see it all.  Unfortunately, we were unable to take pictures.  Because we have been in other caves and used the same camera we couldn't bring it in with us for fear that we could spread the horrible White Nose Syndrome to the bats.  If we wanted to bring the camera in we would have to wash the camera with a Clorox wipe, not sure of the damage it could cause to the camera, we choose to leave it in the truck.  We were in the cavern 3 hours and walked 6 miles!  We loved every minute of it, but know tonight will be a little rough on the knees and Achilles tendon - (lol).  Tomorrow we head out and into Texas on our way to San Antonio.  In the meantime, we once again have a thunder storm tonight. Hugs -L

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from New Mexico!  It is currently 75 degrees and beautiful.  Yesterday we spent the day at various sites.  First, we went to the Trinity Site where they tested the first atomic bomb in 1945.  I found the site quite sad, and realized how much the atomic age defined our lives.  Then we went to the Very Large Array.  It was really quite impressive!  I'm sure you remember the array in the movie First Contact.  Then we wandered about locating a Ghost Town that turned out to be inhabited by 2 people, so I guess that title has to be rescinded - lol.  After that we went to one of the Salinas Pueblo Missions, but along the way we got to witness first hand the amazing speed of a Pronghorn! They were running so fast that several of the photos are just blurs and dust! The Mission we went to was the Mission of San Gregorio de Abo.  It and the surrounding Pueblo are in ruins but are still very impressive and beautiful.  Tomorrow we head south and will spend a couple of days in Carlsbad and visit the caverns.  We hope that your day is beautiful too.  Hugs -L
Trinity Site, First Atom bomb test 7/16/1945  NM

Ground Zero  New Mexico

Standing in front of the Very Large Array  NM

The Very Large Array, Yea thats it's name NM

Mule Deer and ProngHorn  

Ruins of Salinas Pueblo Mission  NM

Thursday, April 5, 2012

We spent part of Saturday, all of Sunday and early Monday with Tony, we had a wonderful time!  He came down from Denver just to see us and we were thrilled. We walked around Old Albuquerque.  It was lovely, I love the old Spanish Missions.  George and I went back on Monday to tour the mission since Sunday was Palm Sunday. After that, we went to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, we toured their wonderful museum and history and had lunch in their restaurant.  We shared a stuffed fry bread (definitely not Weight Watchers) and absolutely delicious! On Tuesday we awoke to snow!  Our campground sits at a higher elevation than Albuquerque and we got about 5" of snow.  It was beautiful, the clouds came down to cover the mountains and by late afternoon the snow in town was almost gone while the upper elevations remained covered.  Yesterday we drove up to  Bandelier National Monument a little northwest of Santa Fe.  We walked and climbed for 5 hours viewing Frijoles Canyon Archaeological sites encompassing cliff dwellings, petroglyphs, and a village.  This park is 33,750 acres with only 3 miles of paved roads.  The views were breathtaking! We walked almost 6 miles, and my pedometer doesn't count all the climbing.  The highest site is the Long House, formally called Ceremonial Cave, and to see it you must climb a series of stairs and 4 ladders of over 140 ft high!  I climbed this when I was 19 and chose not to do it again, but George did and loved it ( I knew he would, I did!)  We chose to have dinner at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center again and the meal was spectacular (I won't loose weight this week - LOL)  Today is beautiful and sunny and we will head out shortly to enjoy the day, hope you do too. Hugs -L

Tuesday, April 3, 2012