Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from New Mexico!  It is currently 75 degrees and beautiful.  Yesterday we spent the day at various sites.  First, we went to the Trinity Site where they tested the first atomic bomb in 1945.  I found the site quite sad, and realized how much the atomic age defined our lives.  Then we went to the Very Large Array.  It was really quite impressive!  I'm sure you remember the array in the movie First Contact.  Then we wandered about locating a Ghost Town that turned out to be inhabited by 2 people, so I guess that title has to be rescinded - lol.  After that we went to one of the Salinas Pueblo Missions, but along the way we got to witness first hand the amazing speed of a Pronghorn! They were running so fast that several of the photos are just blurs and dust! The Mission we went to was the Mission of San Gregorio de Abo.  It and the surrounding Pueblo are in ruins but are still very impressive and beautiful.  Tomorrow we head south and will spend a couple of days in Carlsbad and visit the caverns.  We hope that your day is beautiful too.  Hugs -L

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