Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One last turn around the Refuge at Years End . Happy New Year to Everyone.

The Black birds and Snow Geese hunker in on a really cool and windy day here for the Years End.

Our Bald Eagles on the Moist Soil Unit

A Blue Heron on the Pond Boardwalk staying out of the wind .

A Kestrel looking over the wetlands.

A Turn flying over the Bayou

A Coot carrying a nut he found .

A Red Faced  Vulture gathering.

A Snowy Egret , love his yellow and black legs.

A Tri Color Heron tucked up , trying to stay warm on a cool windy day.

Our last cattle drive for this year going down FM 1985 past the RV Pads.
We hope everyone has a great and happy NEW Year.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Years End

White Ibis changing their Feather color from black when they are born to White. They have many shades of black and brown in the process until the mature.

Caught this wild pig out in the open. It's unusual as they are always hiding in tall grass and wooded areas.

The song birds are starting to come in as the weather is starting to warm here .

the Snow Geese are being stirred up by a couple of Harrier Hawks. The dark color on the ground in the back is thousands of Black Birds who went to ground when the Hawks appeared.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Xmas Eve at Anahuac NWF

Xmas Eve Sunset and it is feels a little cool tonight. It's 45 right now.

Just so pretty

It's quiet here tonight with all the Interns on their way home . But there is always a fire and some cheer to keep me warm.

Sitting by the fire with the one you love is always great. You have to love the heat shimmers to add some dimension to the shot.

Well as I close I want to wish all our Family and Friends a very Merry Christmas and we do miss everyone this time of the Season so we wish you all a great day. L&G

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Some Pic's from this week

Yes these are all Black Birds

Hard to believe they don't crash into each other.

Our Pic of the week

This happens when we click several shots real close. It makes for an interesting post.

Makes you want one. LOL

Just so beautiful , a large Kitty Dance

A Belted Female King Fisher

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's been warm here.

We love the Coots as they are here in the thousands right now.

Of course Cute kitty by the Xmas tree.

A visitor along the Refuge entrance road.

Our clean up crew working on a Snow goose.

I have see this a hundred times and I am still amazed by the process.

A  good catch

It will go down

Just hanging out and drying his feathers.

The Red face Vultures having a meeting about the road kill snake.

They really are beautiful in the air.

We have some Rosette's working on a nesting mound.

An Ibis looking for an afternoon snack.

The White Egrets are every where right now.

Me and the Vultures doing some clean up around Shovelers Pond on a really warm day. It hit 80.