Friday, August 4, 2017

A few more missed on the last post

We went to Fort Pulaski on the same day . I also forgot to mention we had a very pleasant surprise as our friend DR Amy drove up from Florida to visit with us . Those in the 6th PA will remember her .

This is a pre Civil War fort that saw a lot of action at the beginning of the war . Damage from the Union Artillery that pounded it for days before it surrendered .

More damaged areas .

The Moat

Tornado damage from this past May. the visitor center was severely damaged and is still closed .

The Fort entrance

A view of the inside from the upper gun level

A beautiful view of the river from a gun port .

And like most forts, it was used to hold captured soldiers .

One of the areas used to hold the soldiers .

A Spider wrapping up a Dragonfly caught in the web.

Pretty much done storing it's dinner

A little one just sunning

I'm just so warm and content
This time I'm really done . Darn pictures just keep coming . At this point I have 17 thousand and it is just over whelming at times .                                                                                                   GAR

Where has Summer gone

Cattle Egrets hanging out in a tree . A rare site for sure as they love to feed on the ground where all the bugs are , when we cut grass it's like being he pied piper of Egrets . They run behind the machines and pick the bugs up as they go .

A Heron giving me a nice reflection picture

We have been so lucky to see a large group of Swallow Tail Kites in the Refuge . We have counted over 50 at times swooping above us . Just beautiful.

Their movements in flight are just amazing , this one went right across the front  of the car as we sat there.

A little breeze to fluff the feathers

An Anhinga once again drying it's wings . I really don't know how well they dry here as it is always so humid here

Yea , still doing so odd jobs here , this light hasn't worked in three years . It was just a bad photo cell .Yes it's just so hot .

A Whistling Duck drying it's feet on the gate post ,  a little odd but cute .

Is it bored or just the heat

We had worked some this past summer with the YCC, Youth Conservation Corp,  group and now it's time for their going away lunch . This is the hardest working group of young people we have run into since we started Volunteering .

Lots of good food all cooked at the Refuge and lots of smiling faces

They all got their Awards for all the hard work completed and were giving their last speeches and having some fun in the process.

Went to a Historic site in the area . We had gone here some 20 years ago and it was worth the return trip, Wormsloe is one of the early Plantations in Georgia. To call it a plantation can only refer to the amount of land that was granted. The house by any standard was not grand at all

The road of live Oak trees was just breath taking

The plaque says it all .

One of the ruined walls of the Wormsloe home still sanding today. It's interesting because the cement is made of beach sand and oyster shells . A little rough , but still there .
We are now down to our last 25 days here at Savannah NWR and are really looking forward to being at Pea Island . I know there has been a lot of news about the power problems there. Well the Visitor center on Pa Island is open and running on a generator until the Utility Power is restored . Which has been promised to be in a week or so. Lots of tourist money being lost . That is a major incentive  to complete the repair ASAP for the contractors insurance company .                                            GAR

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Savannah NWR and Parris Island

Once again if you want some local history , we go looking for a burial ground .

The town is now a dead end road with a Camp meeting as it's primary function .

But once again the history is not lost as long as folks like us keep looking for the real history .

The Old South still lives in these Low Country areas where time seems to stand still.

So many paths crossed here . Even though today there is no evidence of the importance of this little town.

Our ever present snakes .

Lauren hard at work. We were tasked with the YCC crew to remove the tin siding from the old garage that is going to be torn down.

A Swallow Tailed Kite going right over us on the Wildlife Drive .

Another week and a different group on a wagon tour of the Refuge .

Of course with all the wildlife to be seen in the Refuge , The Alligators are what all the little ones are just so happy to see.

We stop and the Biologist gives a talk on the Refuge and of course one of the big Gators makes an appearance .

Just letting us know I'm here.

Just looking over it's domain.

Much better on the marsh.

The Butterfly Garden by the Visitor Center .

And some Butterfly's to go with the flowers .

We finally managed to go to the Parris Island Museum and found much more than the Corp .

There was a really nice display on the first people to live on the island .

So many walls to read .

This picture was signed by the men who served during that action on one of their reunions at Parris Island .

If you want anything Marine Corp , this is the place to buy it .

It says it all.

Maybe I watch to much TV

Why put this in the blog?  It's for our brother, JB ..And...

Because most golf courses are for the birds. In this case , Wood Storks .

Just behind the review stand on the Parade Ground .

On the base of the monument .


We arrived the day before there was a Class was to Graduate . From civilian to Marine in 13 weeks .

We finally found the ruins of the first Spanish Settlement .Even then Parris Island was important .

Monument marking the first fort site .

Lots of history on this site .

And of course the ever present first Americans who were always displaced .

There is so much history in this area that it would take years to see all the historic sites here. . Besides it is so darn hot here it's just hard to explain . Having done some outside work on the refuge , we can't imagine how they can take average folks and turn them into the finest Soldiers on Earth in this environment .