Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time Just Slips by so fast

So after 30 years of Court cases there is finally going to be a new Bonner Bridge .

I have been on a number of good sized jobs over the years , but this one is just amazing .

We all could all retire quite nicely for what the Crane Rental would be for one week. There are 13 large cranes and 6 small ones on this project .

Forgot to mention the Barge Mounted units . This is our view every  time we go to the Pea Island VC .

Some of this looks like something out of Star Wars some days .

They are working the Bridge in three separate sections . If I had a dollar for each time I heard at the VC , we sure hope all the pieces line up , it would be a tidy sum.

Cape Hatteras light house. We did do some sight seeing .

Just another Sand storm on Highway 12 in the Refuge .

Not a blurry picture . Just blowing sand

We did a trip over to Fort Raleigh to see what was new .

Not much has changed , but always a pleasant day .

If you make a trip to the Outer Banks in Season , we recommend you try to see this play .

This Stage is full of life during the production .

The Beach at the Forts water front .

A view of Jockeys Ridge State Park from the Forts Beach

A cool looking tree growing on the Beach .

So many Squirrels at the Forts many walking trails .

We had a good many Monarchs pass through this season

They loved the Indian Blanket flowers

Some angry Sunrises during the Hurricanes

Angry Ocean

The waves washed away the Dune that protected the Refuge entrance

Just so awesome and scary

The State removing the four feet of sand from the Refuge parking lot and rebuilding the dune

So many Beautiful Sunrises

Where we Volunteer

One of the many fishing boats off shore

Love the Pelicans

To think that 30 years ago the Brown Pelican was almost lost to the world . They are majestic birds

Love Sunrise at the Refuge

The start of the Tundra Swans coming into the Refuge .

And the Swans start to arrive in numbers

More Swans

And of course with the Swans come , the Bald Eagles

So many Swans

And a young Eagle has also arrived and they just love the Osprey stand

At this point there are about 5,000 Swans and 10,000 various ducks of many species .

I have many excuses for not doing a post for a couple of months. But there is so much to do in the area and so little time to enjoy long walks on the beach and many places to visit .

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

             Today we wish all a Happy Thanksgiving.  At this time I would like to give Thanks to all of those in Uniform that are away from home and loved ones . I would like to give thanks for god allowing me to still be here for all these extra years and allowing me to finally enjoy life with my Beautiful Bride of 38 years . I would like to give thanks for all the wonderful friends we have , both past and present .I give thanks for our wonderful Children and Grand children .
             But most of all I give Thanks for all who still believe that this World can still be a Beautiful place to raise our future Generations with Love and Peace .

                                               Happy Turkey Day Everyone

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pea Island , holly cow

Pea Island Visitor Center where we spend most of our Volunteer time .that's not snow , just lots of sand .

The view from the porch of the VC before Hurricane Jose came through .

Just some awesome waves

And then the storm hit and now this is our  view from the porch . North Carolina 12 was closed for two days as there was 4 feet of water and sand on the road .

Sand is every where , it sort of looks like a good old fashion snow storm , just a bit heaver than snow .

As I write this we have been evacuated to Alligator River Refuge and w are riding out Hurricane Maria at our time share in Kitty Hawk , it's our Family Reunion time and just waiting for the wind to kick in. From here we can see the 15 foot waves , just awesome and waiting for the word so we an go back to our spot on the Beach on Body Island . Should be able to move the RV back on Thursday or Friday as long as not to much of the beach has been eroded . Ahh, life on a Sand Bar .

Last of Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

On our last tour of the Refuge I managed to get a few good photos of a Swallow Tail kite just soaring above us .

just so beautiful

Getting Butterfly pictures are so hard . Getting the next few pictures we just awesome .

Seeing their face is just so neat .

Part of the job when doing the wildlife drive is to check the porto on the drive I opened the door to check for TP and saw more than a few of these guys .

Managed to a few good Skimmer pics on the pond in Savannah

Just so awesome to se it working .

A good reflection shot .

Big ass grasshoppers .

When w first saw them we had to ask the Biologist what they were .

A Bittern hunting at low tide . The tide goes in and out 10 feet at each tide change .

When they stand up alongside the reeds , they just blend right in .

A very happy Squirrel hanging out in one of the Live Oaks .

Our view of the Total Eclipse .

That was our view  in totality .

So we left Savannah in time to not get involved with the hurricane there but as we at now in the Outer Banks , yep not one but two hurricanes since we have arrived .