Friday, March 30, 2012

Albuquerque is beautiful, the weather has been wonderful, cool in the evening and warm during the day.  Yesterday we went to the Coronado State Monument Historic Site where Coronado's troops stayed nearby the Pueblo Indians in early 1540's.  The Pueblo site pre-dates Coronado's visit by several hundred years.  After that, we went to Petroglyph National Monument to walk, hike, climb and view the petroglyphs (over 20,000 of them) one in particular is of a macaw and it is quite beautiful.   George climbed all the way up to the 6,000 ft mark, but I was unable to get up that high.  Some of the hike up was just too rough for my Achilles tendon and I had to go back down.  I guess I made it about half way, but we will go back today since we were unable to complete the whole park yesterday.  Within the park is also a dormant volcano, in fact, the rocks where the petroglyphs are located are on the sides and top of a volcanic rim, when you are ascending you can clearly see where the rim collapsed and the city encroaches.  The day before, we had the RV washed and waxed and it looks beautiful.  It truly needed a bath! Between the smashed bugs and the red dirt and mud, we had taken on a hue of colors.  As I sit here doing this entry, the cats are mesmerized by all the bunnies running around the RV Park, each site has trees and bushes and bunnies!  It is keeping the cats totally awake ( a feat for cats) and occupied. This is the first RV Park (American RV Park)  that offeres a continental breakfast, very nice of them to do that.  Hugs -L