Saturday, February 22, 2014

          Well we have had a nice run of over 70 degree days this week and all the cold blooded creatures are finally showing up in numbers and it's nice to see them. Some of the small Gators that hatched out last Season are back where they were born and they have grown to almost twice there size since we left here last year. The string of warm days has inspired a number of animals to start pairing off and except for a little cool front that passed through two nights ago even the evenings have been in the 60's here. The Snow Geese are starting to move on and the flights of ten thousand birds at a time and now we are down to only a few hundred birds at a time but now the song birds are starting to come in in small numbers and soon there will be some good shots of them from around the Refuge.                                                                                    G

The Warm weather has the critters coming out

The larger Gators are coming out.

A Red Tail hunting on the marsh.


My first snake of this season and yes they can cast a Shadow

All turned into the Sun

Very proud

The big Red Ears are coming out now.

Two just sunning.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

nice weather

It was just to warm to do anything.

Day two of the Vultures working the road kill hog.

Snow Geese on one of the Rice fields near the RV pads.

We never get bored watching the Geese moving around.

The little guys sunning themselves.

Crabbing for beer bottles off the board walk at Shoveler Pond.

Good fishing.

Last nights Sunset.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's getting warm in Anahuac

A Mocking bird finds a worm on the road.

Eating the worm in the tree across from the VIS.

Giving me some attitude about taking her picture

We been in the mid 70's for a couple of days and the warmth is bringing out the gators.

A couple of the little ones I had posted pics of last season. They came back to the area where they were born.

Still a little slimy from their semi hibernation, they really never go completely to sleep.

Hard to see but there are two big turtles that just came out of the mud, still covered with green growth.

Some Spoon Bills walking on the wave dike in Shovelers Pond.

This wild pig didn't make it across the road but like all things here there will be no waste.

One of natures clean up crew arrives.

There will be just bones by the end of the day. At one point we saw seven Vultures working the remains, these birds are really hard to capture as they spook really easy when you approach them.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A few more Pictures from last week.

Our VIS Rabbit has come back.

Another one of the Hawks on the Refuge.

We just love their faces.

The Red Belly eating seed from the ground.

This guy was in the pond behind the Visitor Center in Anahuac.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Pictures from this week.

Just Beautiful , there are several hundred of these guys on the Refuge right now.

One of the Otters out for a swim.

Two Spoonbills eating and clicking in the marsh.

We came across a honey Bee hive that was raided by a Raccoon and they were not happy.

PO'd Bees

Just too cool

Thousands of Snow geese coming into the marsh to settle in for the evening.

An American Bittern , they are very hard to get pictures of, so I was thrilled.

Just drying my wings.

Sunrise two days ago.

Sunset two days ago.

Our Red bellied Wood pecker out by the VIS

After seeing him almost everyday we still love hm.

He's hunting

A cliff Swallow nest in the picnic area by the VIS

We had just finished putting up a Owl box on the post in the back round.

Some Snow geese passing over us.

Remember those Duck Boxes we cleaned out last week. Well a Screech Owl has taken up one as his home , way cool.

Last nights Sunset.

Last nights full Moon.