Friday, February 7, 2014

         Another couple of cold days here , yesterday it made it up to 43 degrees with 25 knot winds off the Gulf that made it very unpleasant to be out doors in the Refuge. We hid out in the VIS and even with the floor heaters running it was quite cool in the building. We did get to see the inside of the new VIS as the Gift Shop Manager came by and we were helping her try to figure the new layout in conjunction with all the displays that the Refuge will have in the same area. The new building will have some really great views of the Refuge as it is raised up 10 feet from the raised up area it was built on so it will be 20 feet above the normal grade in that area of the Refuge. High enough to meet the 100 year storm water level. We all know how that usually work out in the end. At least this building has central heat and AC so it will be a much better surrounding for us and the visitors. Our little Garden Shed VIS is starting to look its age as the roof is going and it really needs some major sprucing up. We have been told that the new one will be ready towards the end of next month.          This morning we woke up to 35 degrees and its very over cast and the wind is still blowing pretty good. We don't have to Volunteer today so we may just do some birding later on if the Sun should decide to make an appearance. From looking at the National weather map I guess we shouldn't grouse to much as what we have been getting because it is nothing compared to what our family and friends have been getting at home and just knowing the rain we get here is going to be all snow there is not a pleasant thought. Coleen and Rick both sent snow pictures to us and it so looks like the winter of 94-95 that gave us over 90 inches of Snow in the Lehigh Valley and it just got to the point of there was no place left to pile it. My bitching about the cold here seems a little much but it should be in the 60 to 70 degree range here right now. We will get a little break over the weekend and then cold again for a few more days. You all stay warm and safe .                G                                           

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