Tuesday, February 4, 2014

     We are once again experiencing a rainy spell with below average temperatures for the next few days. The area we are in does need the rain but the cold here has not been seen here in almost 20 years. Seems the same pattern for the Lehigh Valley. The winter of 94-95 had snow every Wednesday for 13 weeks running with a few snows or ice storms in between. So it seems after this year we should have a couple years of above average temperatures ? I know it seems weird but look up the past weather in the Old Farmers Almanac , I know it's odd that old weather records can show a pattern but they do and that allows them to print a book months in advance that is about 90 percent right . You wonder why the weather men talk about the weather like it's a mystery. Right now we are having one heck of a rain squall . We talked to family and friends in the Valley this morning and it's just darn depressing there. Laurens sister talked about a propane shortage there and you have to wonder why the country is exporting so much oil and gas while we are have shortages here.  We all know why they do it and no one cares , OH well. Every one stay warm and dry.               G

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