Friday, January 31, 2014

      We had a great day today . We had volunteered to clean out the Wood Duck boxes behind the Visitor Center in Anahuac and today was the first warm day to get into the water and not have to worry about bees and wasps and other critters that slither in the Cypress Swamp. Well it worked out mostly good as there were no Bees in the Duck boxes but there were some huge ass wasps in one. Have you ever seen a wasp that is 2 inches long , well I can tell you they are some thing to see and I was glad they were still a little slow as this boy could have not run away in those conditions. I know the few pictures I posted surely did not show the real picture. That was a 4 hour tour through the swamp and the water here is still only in the 50's. Just warm enough for the guys that slither to finally make an appearance along with the Turtles. Just to cool in many ways.
       We also had a chance to check out one of the many Owl Boxes on the Refuge and was pleased to see that they have also made a come back and there was more than enough evidence to assure us that the nest was active. So much for today, you never know what tomorrow will bring.         G

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