Tuesday, January 28, 2014

   We went for a ride on Sunday as it was in the low 70's here then, right now we have freezing rain and 30 degrees. So we went for a ride down Bolivar Peninsula on our way to Galveston . We meet a new friend there for lunch at a really good Mexican Restaurant, good food and really reasonable to boot. As with most of our friends we ended sitting and taking for almost three hours. It seems we always know the most interesting people and still enjoy the art conversation. After feeling bad for the waiter we moved the talk outside and gabbed a little longer. After we parted ways we planned to go for a stroll along the Seawall but was totally surprised that the town fathers have made it impossible to visit without paying to park and the only way to pay is with your phone and if you want to use the side streets they are all permit parking only now. I guess they figure if you come to visit you will pay no matter what. Very sad as we will not visit there again. What a difference as when we went after Hurricane Ike passed through they were just happy you were there and now they have gotten greedy. OH well with all the great places to visit its no loss to us just sad. They sleet and freezing rain is coming down fairly hard right now but the fireplace is keeping us toasty.                            G

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