Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We went to the Beach yesterday and drove down to where the Sister Refuge to Anahuac starts.

The Gulf was a little rough as we had 10 knot winds but it was 75 here yesterday so we took a long walk on the sand.

A lone Gull

Some not so alone Gulls enjoying the day.

Lauren and the Kia on what's left of old Texas 87. The black to the right is the old road bed that was destroyed during Hurricane Ike. The road used to go from Anahuac to McFadden along the Gulf and the State decided not to rebuild the road due to constant storm damage.

Just a great picture from this Morning with the Moon still not set.

Our local Coyote just passing by the VIS so I thought.

I guess he had a need or was it just commentary on the new VIS being built on the corner.

The present that the Coyote left us.

And then he moved on.

The walking path behind the VIS

A Cara Cara having and afternoon snack.

One of the Cormorant fishing in the Bayou .

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