Thursday, January 2, 2014

     We are finally all settled in at Anahuac and yesterday was a little overcast here but it did get up to 61 so that allowed us to air our with door and windows open . There wasn't any wind yesterday but today there is a 15 mph wind and it's only 44 outside right now but it should end up in the low 50's. Lauren has been feeling a little ill the last few days with a bit of a cold and a slight fever. We hope to do a little site seeing today as we start some of our training tomorrow with the rest next week if all involved are off the sick list. The new Visitor Information Station they started last year is still not complete here and the new RV pads that were supposed to be done here are also not complete yet. While we were gone from here the Refuge lost some staff so once again things that should have been completed are not. Still can't complain as the old RV sites are OK and the old VIS is still functioning. We will miss the Ranger who was here but she has moved on to a better job ad we wish her good luck. Hope to get some pictures today . Hope you all in the North East get a break from all the bad weather predicted there in the next few days.                                                    G

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