Friday, January 24, 2014

     Well here we sit today feeling like we are still in PA, as I look at the outside temperature it is 28 degrees and the freezing rain is still coming down. We were lucky according to the local weather men as just 10 miles from us on the north side of I 10 it was mostly snow this morning. Would have preferred the snow , the ice is very bad here as the locals have no idea how to drive on anything slippery and this morning every major road in the area was closed due to multiple car accidents. The Refuge was wise to not open today so we are all safe and snug in our RV's watching the ice accumulate outside . We will be back in the 60's by tomorrow afternoon and the sun should come back too. It looks like we won't be as busy this year with school programs as the Refuge has decided to scale way back on them due to Staff shortages. Even though Congress has passed a Budget there is still a problem with funds for them to hire new staff. Such is our Government in action. It's hard to make a commitment to hire when you don't know if the funds to make the payroll will be there when it's time to write the checks. Oh well enough about our Republic.                                   G

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