Monday, July 30, 2012

Well here we are and another week of prefestival set up for Musikfest. This week seems to be a bit cooler than last week when we had two of the volunteers that were working with us go down from the heat. So today it was very nice and we had a good crew and have completed far more than we had hoped to do by today. We are now where we have been in the past on Wednesday, so if the weather holds we will have and easy time of whats left to complete. On the house project we painted out the master bedroom and now it is just waiting for it to sell and just waiting for the last sale of the tools and other household stuff  and off we go, can't wait.                                       G

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well here we go with our 15th year of volunteering at Musikfest and of course it is getting hot again. We have been very lucky again with having some really good people to help us and everything is going really smooth. If it all keeps going this way it will be the first time we will have Saturday off, which would be the first time that has happened for us . Things with the sale of the house is still moving along with the final sale of my tools and as we cleaned up it seems we still have a crap load of little things to get rid of. The last sale is October 6th and of course we will not be here by choice to see it all go I hope. The process has been very enlightening as to how much you can collect when you stay in one house for 26 years and couldn't get rid of stuff. I should have know that when you create storage space you must feel a need to fill it and we did it very well. We have still not gotten the for sale sign up yet but we hope to have it up in the next couple of weeks .  This blog may seem a bit disjointed but  its' just me.                        G

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Well it's another great day in Warren NJ. Tara and Bari are very gracious hosts and we all had a good a lovely day of just talking and hanging out in the pool, the pool was 89 degrees and the air was 99 so it was comfortable. I really like the travel life and can't wait for this to be our everyday . Will be going back to the house later today as everyone here has to go back to the real world tomorrow.  I will have to get back in motion and finish the work on the house.                           G

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hi Everyone,
Been real busy with work on the house. Finished the first floor rooms and the front porch. Need to do some light painting on the outside sills and the new trim on the garages. YEA, the end is getting closer and can't wait to put up the for sale sign. Did another auction of most of the 18 century stuff and again did pretty well with that. We are currently mooch camping at Laurens Sisters house and I need the break from home repairs. Tara's is a great place  hang out as she has a beautiful piece of property and it is easy to set up the RV and see some of the family. It will probably be our last trip until the Outer Banks in September.                                            G