Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We went searching for Eagles at a local fish farm and found this one .

They are all Eagles from adult to juveniles.

Another lone Eagle.

Some local history.

And a very well done replica of the CSS Albermarle

The Roanoke river at Plymouth NC
Some White Pelicans on a still pond on Pea Island.

I love the reflections on the still water.

One of our local Bears.

Hard to see the Bear Cub in the sorghum field. Those are the ears sticking up. The plants are only 18 inches tall.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Missed this picture with the last group. This is the boiler of the USS Oriental that sank just off shore across from the Pea Island Visitor Center. She was a Civil War era steamer and was carrying Pennsylvania Troops from Florida back to New York when she went down in a storm. All made it to shore and the boiler and stack still survive to this day.

       We have been busy the last few days as the Refuge is running their Wings over the Water Event this week and it has been a lot of fun being part of it. Of course things have been hectic due to the government shut down ending only a few days before the whole thing kicked off but it is going well with over 100 different programs going on, not just Birding but Wolf and Bear walks and kayaking the back canals of the Refuge and Canoe trips and many other kid programs going on at the Gateway Main Visitor Center. We are doing our best to do our small part and once again meeting all kinds of diverse people and as always the Refuge Staff is just great to work with. The weather here is finally changing and the temperatures are becoming fall like with nights in the 40s and in the day time in the 60s. Perfect sleeping weather. We are still alone out in the Alligator River section of the refuge and it looks like we won't be on the beach this trip but we have visited the Beach RV Pads and they are just on the other side of the dunes. Looking forward to being there next Summer. One of the Staff  Rangers took a picture of an 11 foot alligator several days ago at the end of the road where we are parked. It was awesome.               G
The invasion of the little green guys after the rain two nights ago.

Where we have been Volunteering the last couple of days.

Some history of the area.

You may wonder why a picture of a Grakle.

Lauren is sitting at a table full of coffee and donuts to be given out to the Birders who are doing walks in the Refuge and the Grakles would like to eat the donuts.

A look at the beach across from the visitor center.

Some Pelicans right behind the visitor center.

A ship wreck that was moved off the beach in 1978 and put in the parking lot of the Nags Head government Building.

Last Nights Sunset

Love the Red Sunsets

Monday, October 21, 2013

       I know it's been awhile since my last posting but we have been busy these last few weeks with watching the rain drops fall and doing a lot of exploring of some areas of the Refuge and a few small towns that we had always wanted to see. At one stretch of time we had only one day of real sun shine in a 13 day stretch and we had over 15 inches of rain with 6 inches coming down in an 8 hour period. Thing are looking better now with a little sun each day with of course some showers mixed in from time to time just for good measure. With the Government shutdown finally over we have started to do some Volunteer work here and once again everyone is really nice and we are having a good time doing it. Went to Virginia Beach a couple times in the last two weeks to see the Family here and all are doing well. It's nice being only a short ride away from our Southern Family. I will try to get back to doing a more regular posting again. Also we saw our first Bear tonight, way cool.                     G

The full moon with the mist in the air.

One of our resident Herons .

We took a ride down one of the old refuge roads the other day.

The Milltail Pond down the road from where we are parked.

One of the feeder creeks into Milltail Pond.

A rainbow appeared as we were exploring one of the roads out on the Sound side of the Refuge.

Peters Point .

The rain had stopped and the clouds were really moving.

Our sunset two nights ago.

This mornings sun rise.

Yesterdays sunrise with the moon still in view.

Tonights Sunset.

He was just sunning on the road on one of the few sunny days we have had in the last three weeks. 

Admiring him self

Just another gloomy day on the water.

When you can't be on the beach you can always go and search out some history.

Scuppernog  township has done a great job of presenting and preserving some 18th century history.

As you drive down some of the old back roads of NC you never know what you may find.

Just might be a relative on Grandma Helens side.

View out the back door of the Barker house on the water front of Edenton NC

Some Gulls waiting for the next boat to leave.

Two gun from the Edenton Battery on the Southern Side from our Civil War.

A rev war cannon with 19th century barrel decoration.

A simple and direct statement to the English King .

The Church in Edenton where their Revolution began.

Bodie Island Lighthouse from the beach

The Sun did finally come one day last week. But only for one day.

Not a butterfly but a grasshopper .