Monday, October 7, 2013

         We decided to take a little ride today around the section of the Refuge that is not gated off as there are still some private holding on the inner areas of this area. It is amazing how large it is and we found the bombing range that is in the middle. It's left over from when this whole area was a Military Base. You know how the Government works. They transfer from one Branch to another with those  little catches like a bombing range in a Wild Life Refuge. As I write this we are acting as security for this part of the Refuge. That's the only thing we are allowed to do until our boy's in DC figure out how to play nice. Oh well. It's never dull and always make you wonder how we survived this long despite all the bickering among our Elected ones, our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves. It's probably no different than when we get together at the beach for the week , 12 people with varied opinions on how things should be done. Some times we are like Congress and then some time we are really family and all is well in the World. No matter what ,it is always fun and never boring. Each year the group changes a little as new family comes and some family goes. You never really get to involved in it all but are never really left out either. You always get back what you are willing to put into the whole.                                                                                  G

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