Friday, October 25, 2013

       We have been busy the last few days as the Refuge is running their Wings over the Water Event this week and it has been a lot of fun being part of it. Of course things have been hectic due to the government shut down ending only a few days before the whole thing kicked off but it is going well with over 100 different programs going on, not just Birding but Wolf and Bear walks and kayaking the back canals of the Refuge and Canoe trips and many other kid programs going on at the Gateway Main Visitor Center. We are doing our best to do our small part and once again meeting all kinds of diverse people and as always the Refuge Staff is just great to work with. The weather here is finally changing and the temperatures are becoming fall like with nights in the 40s and in the day time in the 60s. Perfect sleeping weather. We are still alone out in the Alligator River section of the refuge and it looks like we won't be on the beach this trip but we have visited the Beach RV Pads and they are just on the other side of the dunes. Looking forward to being there next Summer. One of the Staff  Rangers took a picture of an 11 foot alligator several days ago at the end of the road where we are parked. It was awesome.               G

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