Monday, October 21, 2013

       I know it's been awhile since my last posting but we have been busy these last few weeks with watching the rain drops fall and doing a lot of exploring of some areas of the Refuge and a few small towns that we had always wanted to see. At one stretch of time we had only one day of real sun shine in a 13 day stretch and we had over 15 inches of rain with 6 inches coming down in an 8 hour period. Thing are looking better now with a little sun each day with of course some showers mixed in from time to time just for good measure. With the Government shutdown finally over we have started to do some Volunteer work here and once again everyone is really nice and we are having a good time doing it. Went to Virginia Beach a couple times in the last two weeks to see the Family here and all are doing well. It's nice being only a short ride away from our Southern Family. I will try to get back to doing a more regular posting again. Also we saw our first Bear tonight, way cool.                     G

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