Saturday, December 29, 2012

             Well over the last few days we have finally had a chance to have a proper visit with our 13 year old Granddaughter. With getting the house up for sale and our travels things finally worked out for us to spend a day together. It's amazing that it seems like only yesterday she was a baby and now she is as tall as Grandma and still growing and becoming a very beautiful young lady. We had a very nice family visit with her and our youngest son and his new bride. The day just flew by and it was  soon time to take her back home. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family and friends with lots of good laughs, good food and remembering our  loved ones who are no longer with us but who will never be forgotten. Last night we had a house party to go to with our friends and co-volunteers from Artsquest. For first time in many years we had a chance to sit and talk and have a few adult beverages with no sweat pouring off of us and no biting bugs. How nice it was indeed .Once again the time seemed to just fly by and soon it was midnight and we still weren't talked out, but as with all good things it was late and we went home still laughing about the many round robin conversations of the evening. We will surely miss them all as we pursue our new lifestyle. But they will always be in our thoughts .            G              Happy New Year                                                                                                    
We have finally had some snow.

No wind to blow the snow around.

Those little white dots are snow flakes.

Sitting warm and snug.

There is about 4 inches right now.

Just Pretty                          

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

   Merry Christmas Everyone      What a great day here. Last night it snowed and even though it was only about 2 inches it just made this morning the winter wonder land we all wish for on Christmas day . Today we will spend time with family and friends and eat to much and talk to much but that is what the Holidays are about. No I  haven't forgotten the reason we have this holiday but when you practice the reason all year long you don't have to feel  guilty at having a good time today. Love and Peace to All.                                               G

Sunday, December 23, 2012

           Almost another week gone and we don't know where the time slips off too, just gone.  Started the week off with a doctor visit and it just ran away from there. Can't really say what was done other than some food shopping and we finally managed to go to the movies and  we saw Lincoln. Good flick, and worth the money. $8.50 for an 11:45 show , you know your getting old when you can remember that use to be $.25 , Yea really old. The weather here has been wet and gloomy but maybe some light snow for Christmas Eve. That would be the best and the first in about 20 years for this area.The wind here has been gusting to 50 mph the last two days but it dries the ground up pretty fast so the good with the bad. We went for a short walk yesterday and it was good, trying to get back to our old routine so that when we hit the road we will be ready.                                    G

Monday, December 17, 2012

          Well yesterday we went to the ArtsQuest volunteer party at Chriskindlmarket. It was really nice to see some of the people we have worked with over the years and have some time to sit and chat with them when we didn't have so many other things to do as when we were at the festivals with someone else is always needing you attention. But as always ArtsQuest manages to make it awkward and make you feel some what unwelcome even at a  holiday thank you . If you have a 6 hour open event don't tell those of us who have taken the time to come that there is a limit to how long you can visit with the other people there and if you leave the seating area you can not return to the seating area even if you do not want eat or drink anything but just visit with someone who has just arrived. Good way to treat volunteers that you never have enough of. Oh well, that's why people don't come back.                                                    G

Saturday, December 15, 2012

                      Went to a very sad event last night. We went to the wake of a friend who we have known for over 10 years. We met him at Musik Fest and we all volunteered together at different sites for all of the time we spent there. He was only 52 and died suddenly two days ago. Robert was a very nice man and he and his Partner had been together for 25 years and were very well matched. As with all couples they had their ups and downs but very committed to each other. Robert will be missed by us all.                                           G

Thursday, December 13, 2012

        We have finally moved the left overs from all the sales out to the garage and they will be picked up next Friday by Big Bothers and Sisters . They are one of the few groups that still take books. It is a shame that all the others are not interested in anything that is in print. What a shame that books no longer have any value. Can't wait for the weather to either get cold or do something because we are really tired of not seeing the sun for more than one day week. Just snow or give me some sun light. These rainy over cast days give no inspiration for the mind or the body to get moving.    G                          

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

            Been busy putting the rest of the house bits and pieces in the one car garage so they can be donated . The weather here has been really great and I have been able to catch up with the outside work. You know the fun stuff , cleaning out the gutters and picking up the rest of the leaves and some more of the downed branches. Did some easy decorating on the house and the RV. We decorated the inside of the RV and it looks pretty good for what we kept from the original 38 tubs that we moved over to our sons house. We hope he and his new bride will love them as we did for all those years. So many memories and now its time for a new generation take over for us old folks. I know that all will be fine .                                                                G