Saturday, December 29, 2012

             Well over the last few days we have finally had a chance to have a proper visit with our 13 year old Granddaughter. With getting the house up for sale and our travels things finally worked out for us to spend a day together. It's amazing that it seems like only yesterday she was a baby and now she is as tall as Grandma and still growing and becoming a very beautiful young lady. We had a very nice family visit with her and our youngest son and his new bride. The day just flew by and it was  soon time to take her back home. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family and friends with lots of good laughs, good food and remembering our  loved ones who are no longer with us but who will never be forgotten. Last night we had a house party to go to with our friends and co-volunteers from Artsquest. For first time in many years we had a chance to sit and talk and have a few adult beverages with no sweat pouring off of us and no biting bugs. How nice it was indeed .Once again the time seemed to just fly by and soon it was midnight and we still weren't talked out, but as with all good things it was late and we went home still laughing about the many round robin conversations of the evening. We will surely miss them all as we pursue our new lifestyle. But they will always be in our thoughts .            G              Happy New Year                                                                                                    

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