Sunday, December 23, 2012

           Almost another week gone and we don't know where the time slips off too, just gone.  Started the week off with a doctor visit and it just ran away from there. Can't really say what was done other than some food shopping and we finally managed to go to the movies and  we saw Lincoln. Good flick, and worth the money. $8.50 for an 11:45 show , you know your getting old when you can remember that use to be $.25 , Yea really old. The weather here has been wet and gloomy but maybe some light snow for Christmas Eve. That would be the best and the first in about 20 years for this area.The wind here has been gusting to 50 mph the last two days but it dries the ground up pretty fast so the good with the bad. We went for a short walk yesterday and it was good, trying to get back to our old routine so that when we hit the road we will be ready.                                    G

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