Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Been working on painting the inside of the house and have finally finished the fireplace room and hung the new curtains and roman shades we bought in 2005, another one of life's little detours.That was the year Lauren had her knees replaced. It is the largest of the down stairs rooms and we have patched the quest room and have started to paint it. Laurens office is almost done with the patching. Have patched over 250 nail holes. Had way to much stuff hanging. So much art and family pictures.Hope to get the front perch done next week and some outside trim replaced. Will miss my goal of the 1st to list the house but will be done before Musikfest.                              G

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi All, sorry we haven't posted lately because we have been busy getting the house ready to sell. Had the Purple Heart Vets do a another major pickup. 64 55gallon bags of clothes and shoes and stuff. When you have been in the same house since 1986 things have accumulated a bit. We have also had some time to see some old friends . Eileen and Bruno were passing through and we spent a pleasant afternoon together and have had some family come over and take some of the family pictures and other goods to help ease the transition. We have also started another friend on her way to the RV lifestyle.I know once she gets the itch she will love it.I can not wait to get the for sale sign up. A little more paint and we are ready to go. Had our friends Less and Ginny over on Sunday to pickup more stuff to go to auction. They are the best and hope if anybody else wishes to send things to auction that they contact me and I will refer them to Less and Ginny. They have made this transition very easy for us. Hope all of you are doing well. Will try to post more often.                         G

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hi All , once again it is raining so there is some time for a quick post. Been emptying clothes closets and when you have had 26 years to load them up it seems a bit daunting. So far 41 bags of clothes and shoes and we are still not completely through, this is after the first 35 went in February. Still have linen closets and storage shelves in basement to tackle. Probably another 50 to 60 bag sand these are the really big ones. Some are almost to heavy to lift. Glad the Veterans will pick them up from the front porch. Postings will be sporadic while we are living in our yard in the RV. Have a nice view of pool and back yard.I must say it is a good one.                                     G