Sunday, April 28, 2013

       Another week of little ones and now only two more school groups to go and all the school trips will be done . When we finish we will have seen over 950 kids of all grades from K to 7th grade. It has really been interesting . Each class from different school districts and it is amazing the difference in the way the teachers handle their children. It gives me hope for the future as the kids don't run the schools here the adults do. We have had a good time with them and hope the next two classes are as good.                                                                          G
Scissor Tail Fly Catcher

A Snowy Egret

The Great Egret

Sunset two nights ago

There is a baby killdeer in the right corner
A Great Blue Heron

Still one of my favorits

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

                    So we have been real busy over the last few days as we have been doing school programs for 5th graders and have been having a good time as time moves really fast when you are dealing with lots of children . My station was Bird Banding and Laurens' station was called Bird Migration.  Next week it will be 2nd grade classes and some Kinder Garden kids and new agendas for the little ones. I can tell you that it is so not the 18th century programs that we had hoped to do while we were traveling but then we are learning to do so many different things as we go that we are seeing that we have so much more to offer and do, that we can't wait for the next challenge . Our challenge now is to rethink what we had though we were going to do and where we are going  . It just makes life more exciting . We are slowly making life changes and loving every moment of it and hoping that each new change is as good as the last. Our funk over the house problems are slowly fading and we know that Gary will handle what has happened and all will work out for the best as  can be hoped for. We have 7 more school programs to do over the next two weeks and then all of the other volunteers will be leaving and things will be a bit more quiet until we leave on June 1st for the Elk Refuge in Wyoming. It will be another new chapter in our wander until late September when will be in the Outer Banks and all of the family that will be there at Sea Scape.                                G

Sunday, April 14, 2013

             Well another week comes to an end here and time is just flying by. The week started with a call that left me angry and confused . It seems that the scrap price of copper led some person, not the word I would normally use decided that the house with the for sale sign would be an easy target for some scrap pipe. It's not like there are no people around and the neighbors are always around on both sides but the sign must have said it all. We have gone away for longer periods before and nothing ever happened. Oh well, such is life and we move on or mire in self pity. We had another good week at the Refuge and we will be doing some school programs next week. The classes are 5th graders and we will be doing programs on Bird banding and why we do it and there will be games played to teach about bird migrations. We will see several hundred children as there are 4 different days worth of classes. We hope the weather holds for the programs but some rain would be good here as even after the last couple of storms things are still pretty dry here as it has been in the 70's and 80's here for the last two weeks.                                                                                         G
Last nights sunset was once again beautiful.

He came over to the fence to see just what were we doing by his girls.

Such a good looking guy

Pink Spoonbills, Snowey Egrets, and the Black diving ducks we see in North Carolina all the time.

The babies are getting big fast.

We had a heck of a thunder storm and then out came the rainbow.

Friday, April 5, 2013

       Well we have really been busy this week and a lot has happened in the last few days. We have now been interviewed by the Fish and Wildlife Service in Wyoming and we will be leaving here at the end of May and will be Volunteers at the National Elk Refuge in Wyoming for a few months. So we will once again be moving north but it seems our Alaska trip will be next year. So much for plans but this seems to be our lot in our new life. We are just loving what we are doing and with a chance to be volunteering in Wyoming we just couldn't pass it up. The Elk Refuge sits in the Jackson Hole area and we will very close to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. One of Lifes many side tracks and we are going to go where life now leads us and who knows what may be in the future.      G
First in a series of 20 sunset pictures

10 th in the series

15 th in the line

Towards the end and they were just to beautiful 

All the wild flowers are in bloom and they arte every where

A few of the babies born in the last week

They are growing fast

You never know what turns up on the beach

These little guys are every where

More turtles

A happy guy