Wednesday, April 17, 2013

                    So we have been real busy over the last few days as we have been doing school programs for 5th graders and have been having a good time as time moves really fast when you are dealing with lots of children . My station was Bird Banding and Laurens' station was called Bird Migration.  Next week it will be 2nd grade classes and some Kinder Garden kids and new agendas for the little ones. I can tell you that it is so not the 18th century programs that we had hoped to do while we were traveling but then we are learning to do so many different things as we go that we are seeing that we have so much more to offer and do, that we can't wait for the next challenge . Our challenge now is to rethink what we had though we were going to do and where we are going  . It just makes life more exciting . We are slowly making life changes and loving every moment of it and hoping that each new change is as good as the last. Our funk over the house problems are slowly fading and we know that Gary will handle what has happened and all will work out for the best as  can be hoped for. We have 7 more school programs to do over the next two weeks and then all of the other volunteers will be leaving and things will be a bit more quiet until we leave on June 1st for the Elk Refuge in Wyoming. It will be another new chapter in our wander until late September when will be in the Outer Banks and all of the family that will be there at Sea Scape.                                G

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