Sunday, April 14, 2013

             Well another week comes to an end here and time is just flying by. The week started with a call that left me angry and confused . It seems that the scrap price of copper led some person, not the word I would normally use decided that the house with the for sale sign would be an easy target for some scrap pipe. It's not like there are no people around and the neighbors are always around on both sides but the sign must have said it all. We have gone away for longer periods before and nothing ever happened. Oh well, such is life and we move on or mire in self pity. We had another good week at the Refuge and we will be doing some school programs next week. The classes are 5th graders and we will be doing programs on Bird banding and why we do it and there will be games played to teach about bird migrations. We will see several hundred children as there are 4 different days worth of classes. We hope the weather holds for the programs but some rain would be good here as even after the last couple of storms things are still pretty dry here as it has been in the 70's and 80's here for the last two weeks.                                                                                         G

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