Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well it finally stopped raining yesterday which allowed us to finally get the fish pond open and the pool is now open and ready to use . The water is 78 and this is really warm for this time of year but it was really nice. Spent almost an hour in the pool and it was great. Still need to do some painting and replace some trim on the out buildings and if I don't have to build an ARK with the forecast of more rain tonight I may be able to complete some of the outside work. Today its and Ultrasound for some kidney stones and tomorrow the Dentist. It seems the faster we go the further behind we get and the days fly by with nothing accomplished , but thats life. Maybe we need a short trip to get back in focus. LOL                          G

Friday, May 25, 2012

 We went and finally got new phones on Wednesday. Even though I have no love for Verizon we have the new I-phone 4s and I think it may make me crazy. This phone could replace my laptop if I new what I was doing with it. We have started the process of slowly changing over our billing addresse to Kelly and Gary's and Verizon was the first. A simple matter you say, not with Verizon.It only took 45 minutes'', and with that and then we started with the phones if you can call them a phone. The camera is better than the last two I bought from Olympus and the e-mail and texting is great when you can do it with Siri, just talk and  it does it all for you. Back to the Verizon store .With all that was done it ended up being a two hour 45 minute process that left me feeling like I had been brain fried and thrown out the door.The moral of the story is don't go phone shopping if you had and evening meeting to go to and didn't have a phone to call with to let them know you weren't coming. Lauren said she felt like Charly Brown after awhile and all she heard was wa=wa=wa-wa-wa .
 Yesterday was my try to learn new phone and keep dry day. 2 inches of rain on Wednesday. 1and a half yesterday and more for today. Grass is growing very fast and yard is looking like a jungle again. We did manage to get what was left of our yard furniture out and set up the two gazibos and started to get the pool ready.                                                                                                            G

Monday, May 21, 2012

We are back in Center Valley and it seems that every time we come back it rains. We arrived home early and finally went and picked up the mail and started home delivery again. Sort of back to normal for awhile. It took the state three month to repave 309. Couldn't believe it, they started back in Febuary and finished today.                                                   G

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 19, 2012        Kelly and Gary are married and it was a beautiful day with Family and Friends      G
Bride and groom

Best man and Brides maid

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We were in Center Valley for four days of which it rained two so didn't get much done on the house.  Today we have traveled to Tunkhanick PA and are in Cozy Creek camp ground. It is about 25 minutes from where Gary and Kelly are getting married and about 90 miles from Center Valley. It is quite pretty here and we are in the Endless Mountains Region of the Poconos. Our site is right on the river and is very peaceful. Hope to unwind for a day before the wedding .                                            G

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Well we arrived in Center Valley yesterday afternoon and found the house is almost empty and it was quite the look. The house hasn't been this bare since 1986 when we moved in. It will be a real joy to do some painting with nothing in the way and then I can sell the rest of my tools. The real joy for this homecoming is the Wedding on Saturday of Kelly and Gary . It will be the best day for all. Also on the good side our wonderful neighbors had taken the time to cut our grass before we came home. Quite a relief to just have to do some trimming. Thanks to Calvin and Claudia. So as I sit in the RV and do some bills and catch up on e-mail I realized that we can now say we are full time RVers. All we need now is to sell the house. They are building all around us again so I don't think it will be much of a problem.                              G

Friday, May 11, 2012

We have had a couple of busy days working our way back to Pennsylvania.  While we were still in Tennessee we went to Stones River Battlefield and to the lovely town of Franklin, which was the scene of a terrible battle all through the town.  Then we drove the upper part of the Natchez Trace to the burial and mysterious death site of Merriweather Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame.  The next day we went to the Hermitage, Andrew and Rachel Jackson's home in Nashville, Tennessee.  What a beautiful site this is, well and lovingly maintained by the Ladies Hermitage Association.  Both Andrew and Rachael are buried in the beautiful and peaceful garden, sadly Rachael Jackson didn't live long enough to see Andrew sworn in as President, they tell us that after his presidency he came back to the Hermitage and visited her grave every afternoon.  After a day of travelling, we stopped in Natural Bridge, Va for 2 nights.  Today we took a lovely carriage tour of Lexington, where Stonewall Jackson lived and is now buried with his family.  Lexington is also where Robert E Lee and his wife, along with his horse Traveller are buried.  They are buried in the Chapel of Washington/Lee College and Traveller is buried just beyond the door to the chapel.  After the death of Robert E Lee, Traveller died 8 months later, Traveller was with Robert E Lee through the entire Civil War.  There is a story that after Traveller's death his ghost was seen on the campus so Mrs. Lee made a provision in her will that his stable doors be kept open so he can always come home.  Lexington is a really lovely town, not only is it the home of Washington/Lee College but also Virginia Military Institute.  Tomorrow we head back to Center Valley for the happy occasion of Gary and Kelly's wedding!  We are so happy for them! Hugs-L
Found this one at a rest stop on the Natchez Trace

Where Lewis from Lewis and Clark is buried on the Trace

Driving on the orginal Natchez Trace

President Jackson and his wife are buried here.

Stonewall Jacksons grave

Another Stone Hendge, Made of foam

A pleasent carriage ride in Lexington VA

I didn't know he was a Brother

Monday, May 7, 2012

Just for Tara
If I can ever figure out how to work the pictures there will be more. They are a very brief look at our past few days. We are now just outside Nashville and looking to do some sight seeing tomorrow.   G

We left Memphis in a rocking thunder storm and it looks like it has caught up with us in Nashville.  Yesterday we went to Graceland, and while I am not an "over-the-top" fan, after spending a couple of hours in and around Graceland my respect for Elvis, the man, has grown tremendously.  I really had no idea what he truly did in his lifetime to help many, many, people.  Including the St. Jude Hospital and contributing heavily to build the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  Graceland, itself, is very 1970's (obviously, since he died in 1977) but when you have been to Tupelo, Miss. and viewed the shotgun style house (smaller than our RV) he was born in you see how wonderful this house in Memphis was to both Elvis and his mother.  When we went to dinner we met a lady who grew up across the street from the back of Graceland, and she told us how Elvis would come out to the gate and talk to his fans.  The girls waited outside the gates to see him, and the guys waited to see the girls.  She had fond memories of Elvis, and I am sure they are priceless to her. 

Tomorrow we are going to tour The Hermitage, it is Rachel and Andrew Jackson's home.  I am looking forward to seeing it, they were so in love and they endured a lot to be together. Then if we have time, we will go to Franklin, where there was a terrible Civil War Battle.  I better go, the thunder and lightning has reached our haven here in Nashville! Hugs-L

A nice place to visit
We were just passing through
A good place for a rest and Coffee
One of our favorite views in new Orleans

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hi All, We are now in Memphis and day one was some normal stuff. Had to take the truck for service, needed an oil change and new fuel filter and that was and early start for me. Not used to those 5:30 starts anymore. On the bright side I was in and out really quick and we had the rest of the day to tour. They are not much on their history unless it involves Civil Rights or Music . They are having their version of Musik Fest this weekend and it made going downtown a night mare. Five dollar parking became $25. and they closed so many city streets that it was impossible to move around. Was not impressed with downtown at all. South Side Bethlehem is just as nice and more user friendly and far less expensive.                                             G

Thursday, May 3, 2012

We had planned to go into the French Quarter yesterday, but when we arrived the predicted 30% chance of rain turned into a reality.  It rained so hard we decided to take a tour of the Plaquemine Parrish which lies south of the city.  They are still suffering the devastating effects of Katrina.  Most of the homes and business are gone only to be replaced by modulars and RVs.  It is so very sad, but I have to say that the people of this Parrish are amazing.  They took such a beating with Katrina only to have BP devastate their economy further, but they stood up and persevered and didn't give up!  I applaud them!  Last night we had a whopping thunder storn that lighted up the sky with the most amazing lightning!  The whole rv rocked and rolled.  Today they are predicting a 20% chance of rain so we are taking a chance and heading into the Quarter.

Our campsite, in Pontchartrain Landing is gorgeous, we have a waterside site on the shipping channel where we can watch the tugs come and go.  The flowers are in bloom everywhere and so beautiful to see and smell.  The cats are having such a busy time watching the seabirds that they are sleeping through the night!  If you have cats, you will totally understand this! LOL.  Tomorrow we leave here and head North to Memphis.  We have reserved a campsite at Graceland!! I know, I am not a big Elvis fan, but Tara is, and I will visit Graceland for her....Hugs-L 

Our first ferry ride on the Mississippi

One View from back of RV

What kittys doe when we are away

Too tired for words

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Traveled about 280 miles today and are now in New Orleans in Pontchartrain Landing RV Park right on the shipping canal and it is lovely.  There is a beautiful breeze and is 86 degrees. Will go into the French Quarter tomorrow.       G
The Civil War in New Mexico

Confederate Cannon in Albuquerque