Friday, May 11, 2012

We have had a couple of busy days working our way back to Pennsylvania.  While we were still in Tennessee we went to Stones River Battlefield and to the lovely town of Franklin, which was the scene of a terrible battle all through the town.  Then we drove the upper part of the Natchez Trace to the burial and mysterious death site of Merriweather Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame.  The next day we went to the Hermitage, Andrew and Rachel Jackson's home in Nashville, Tennessee.  What a beautiful site this is, well and lovingly maintained by the Ladies Hermitage Association.  Both Andrew and Rachael are buried in the beautiful and peaceful garden, sadly Rachael Jackson didn't live long enough to see Andrew sworn in as President, they tell us that after his presidency he came back to the Hermitage and visited her grave every afternoon.  After a day of travelling, we stopped in Natural Bridge, Va for 2 nights.  Today we took a lovely carriage tour of Lexington, where Stonewall Jackson lived and is now buried with his family.  Lexington is also where Robert E Lee and his wife, along with his horse Traveller are buried.  They are buried in the Chapel of Washington/Lee College and Traveller is buried just beyond the door to the chapel.  After the death of Robert E Lee, Traveller died 8 months later, Traveller was with Robert E Lee through the entire Civil War.  There is a story that after Traveller's death his ghost was seen on the campus so Mrs. Lee made a provision in her will that his stable doors be kept open so he can always come home.  Lexington is a really lovely town, not only is it the home of Washington/Lee College but also Virginia Military Institute.  Tomorrow we head back to Center Valley for the happy occasion of Gary and Kelly's wedding!  We are so happy for them! Hugs-L

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  1. Welcome Home!! We will call you next week to catch up with you both and turn over your cash :).