Thursday, May 3, 2012

We had planned to go into the French Quarter yesterday, but when we arrived the predicted 30% chance of rain turned into a reality.  It rained so hard we decided to take a tour of the Plaquemine Parrish which lies south of the city.  They are still suffering the devastating effects of Katrina.  Most of the homes and business are gone only to be replaced by modulars and RVs.  It is so very sad, but I have to say that the people of this Parrish are amazing.  They took such a beating with Katrina only to have BP devastate their economy further, but they stood up and persevered and didn't give up!  I applaud them!  Last night we had a whopping thunder storn that lighted up the sky with the most amazing lightning!  The whole rv rocked and rolled.  Today they are predicting a 20% chance of rain so we are taking a chance and heading into the Quarter.

Our campsite, in Pontchartrain Landing is gorgeous, we have a waterside site on the shipping channel where we can watch the tugs come and go.  The flowers are in bloom everywhere and so beautiful to see and smell.  The cats are having such a busy time watching the seabirds that they are sleeping through the night!  If you have cats, you will totally understand this! LOL.  Tomorrow we leave here and head North to Memphis.  We have reserved a campsite at Graceland!! I know, I am not a big Elvis fan, but Tara is, and I will visit Graceland for her....Hugs-L 

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