Monday, May 7, 2012

If I can ever figure out how to work the pictures there will be more. They are a very brief look at our past few days. We are now just outside Nashville and looking to do some sight seeing tomorrow.   G

We left Memphis in a rocking thunder storm and it looks like it has caught up with us in Nashville.  Yesterday we went to Graceland, and while I am not an "over-the-top" fan, after spending a couple of hours in and around Graceland my respect for Elvis, the man, has grown tremendously.  I really had no idea what he truly did in his lifetime to help many, many, people.  Including the St. Jude Hospital and contributing heavily to build the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  Graceland, itself, is very 1970's (obviously, since he died in 1977) but when you have been to Tupelo, Miss. and viewed the shotgun style house (smaller than our RV) he was born in you see how wonderful this house in Memphis was to both Elvis and his mother.  When we went to dinner we met a lady who grew up across the street from the back of Graceland, and she told us how Elvis would come out to the gate and talk to his fans.  The girls waited outside the gates to see him, and the guys waited to see the girls.  She had fond memories of Elvis, and I am sure they are priceless to her. 

Tomorrow we are going to tour The Hermitage, it is Rachel and Andrew Jackson's home.  I am looking forward to seeing it, they were so in love and they endured a lot to be together. Then if we have time, we will go to Franklin, where there was a terrible Civil War Battle.  I better go, the thunder and lightning has reached our haven here in Nashville! Hugs-L


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