Sunday, April 24, 2016

Good by to Windows 10

Finally had enough of too many systems not working so I have had to reset my computer to the factory setting and I am now reloading all my programs . should be simple but all the back up info has been taken over by windows 10 . bummer !! this is the last widows product I will ever own.


From Mississippi to Texas

While  cleaning the trails at St Catherine Creek Refuge we came across this little plant just growing out of a hollow in the tree.

In the more remote area of the Refuge there was a Rookery for Wood Ducks . Well during the drought a few years ago and the area dried out the Black faced Vultures roosted in the area and now there are hundreds of them in the area. 

All the Black dots in the trees are Vultures

Even though its February, there are flowers every where.

Wood Duck way was under water from the Mississippi flooding when we first arrived .

As we wandered around the Natchez area we came across several signs like this one. Really,  New Jersey folks wandered into Mississippi  and formed a new town.

Our resident Possum by the RV pads became a frequent visitor to the delight of our kitty's.

Cat Island was one of the reasons we had gone to Mississippi . It has the largest Bald Cypress Tree in the Nation ?  Well the 14 weeks were there the .Mississippi River had its way and stayed in major flood stage the whole time. There were parts of St Catherine  Creek and Bayou Cocodrie we never had a chance to visit.

The entrance gate to Cat Island, a little wet.

Cat Island

the longer we were at the RV pad the Possum Lauren called Vlad brought a friend.

Vlad and friend

The roads here are always being closed due to land slides .

While we were the Natchez area the Natchez Indian Culture Center held their yearly Pow Wow .

We ended up spending the whole day there as they had programs running almost non stop.

There were so many dressed in their tribal garb.

So many circle dances

Every where you looked the dress  was just so colorful .

It was awesome to see that the next generation being involved.

Awesome head dresses

The lead women doing her circle walk

Lots of feathers

Part of the Honor Guard

There were about 200 in all at this Pow Wow

And some came down from Oklahoma

The young girls doing their circle walk.

A Beaver dam in the Bayou Cocodrie Refuge

The Beaver Hutch

Who said Beaver only cut down small trees

Even under water the flowers grow

The cats burned out from watching the Posseum's

At the RV pad we had what I called the alarm bird who sang it's heart out at 6 am everyday.

We arrived in Texas on the 11th and on our first run around Shovelers Pond I saw this guy .

A Purple Gallinule looking for something good to eat.

A Coot flotilla on Shoveles Pond .

It was nice to see the Vulture family at Anahuac was still here.

A big Gator in the Refuge.

The Stilts are one of my favorites .

A Bull frog the size of a baseball glove just hanging out.

A really cool looking Bronze Headed Cowbird looking for love in our reflective windows.

A Nighthawk just taking a rest .