Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's getting warm in Anahuac

A Mocking bird finds a worm on the road.

Eating the worm in the tree across from the VIS.

Giving me some attitude about taking her picture

We been in the mid 70's for a couple of days and the warmth is bringing out the gators.

A couple of the little ones I had posted pics of last season. They came back to the area where they were born.

Still a little slimy from their semi hibernation, they really never go completely to sleep.

Hard to see but there are two big turtles that just came out of the mud, still covered with green growth.

Some Spoon Bills walking on the wave dike in Shovelers Pond.

This wild pig didn't make it across the road but like all things here there will be no waste.

One of natures clean up crew arrives.

There will be just bones by the end of the day. At one point we saw seven Vultures working the remains, these birds are really hard to capture as they spook really easy when you approach them.

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