Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Pictures from this week.

Just Beautiful , there are several hundred of these guys on the Refuge right now.

One of the Otters out for a swim.

Two Spoonbills eating and clicking in the marsh.

We came across a honey Bee hive that was raided by a Raccoon and they were not happy.

PO'd Bees

Just too cool

Thousands of Snow geese coming into the marsh to settle in for the evening.

An American Bittern , they are very hard to get pictures of, so I was thrilled.

Just drying my wings.

Sunrise two days ago.

Sunset two days ago.

Our Red bellied Wood pecker out by the VIS

After seeing him almost everyday we still love hm.

He's hunting

A cliff Swallow nest in the picnic area by the VIS

We had just finished putting up a Owl box on the post in the back round.

Some Snow geese passing over us.

Remember those Duck Boxes we cleaned out last week. Well a Screech Owl has taken up one as his home , way cool.

Last nights Sunset.

Last nights full Moon.

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