Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One last turn around the Refuge at Years End . Happy New Year to Everyone.

The Black birds and Snow Geese hunker in on a really cool and windy day here for the Years End.

Our Bald Eagles on the Moist Soil Unit

A Blue Heron on the Pond Boardwalk staying out of the wind .

A Kestrel looking over the wetlands.

A Turn flying over the Bayou

A Coot carrying a nut he found .

A Red Faced  Vulture gathering.

A Snowy Egret , love his yellow and black legs.

A Tri Color Heron tucked up , trying to stay warm on a cool windy day.

Our last cattle drive for this year going down FM 1985 past the RV Pads.
We hope everyone has a great and happy NEW Year.

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