Sunday, January 4, 2015

A new year

So we spent some time this week visiting other Refuges in our area and as always you see a diverse wetland with much of the same critters as Anahuac. But still very lovely.

This Refuge is much larger than Anahuac but doesn't have the same terrain so we saw more Deer and smaller mammals but also neat place to visit.

This poor Pelican came in with a thump on the roof of the RV this morning giving us and the cats a bit of a start. He is a young bird and with the cold and wind today he was just tired and stayed for a half hour and then moved on.

A Night Heron at Brazoria Refuge.

The Spoonbills on the Pond in Anahuac.

Those darn balloons keep drifting into the Refuge but I was surprised to see who it was.

Buzz Light Year

Sandhill  Cranes along the  Road to San Bernard. These birds are very tall and so neat to listen to them call to each other.

Some Ring Neck Ducks tooling around on the lake in Brazoria.

A Meadow Lark just hanging out waiting for a friend.

A Belted Kingfisher along the Bayou by the old shops in Anahuac.

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