Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's been warm here.

We love the Coots as they are here in the thousands right now.

Of course Cute kitty by the Xmas tree.

A visitor along the Refuge entrance road.

Our clean up crew working on a Snow goose.

I have see this a hundred times and I am still amazed by the process.

A  good catch

It will go down

Just hanging out and drying his feathers.

The Red face Vultures having a meeting about the road kill snake.

They really are beautiful in the air.

We have some Rosette's working on a nesting mound.

An Ibis looking for an afternoon snack.

The White Egrets are every where right now.

Me and the Vultures doing some clean up around Shovelers Pond on a really warm day. It hit 80.

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