Friday, April 13, 2012

 We are camped in Big Bend National Park, the campground is very close to the Rio Grande and the border of Mexico.  We decided to come here after looking over the Texas tour book you get at their visitor centers.  You have to love this state.  They are so helpful, and the tour book is the most comprehensive of any we have gotten so far.  We arrived late yesterday.  After entering the park, you have another 48 miles to drive to the campground!  Just like the rest of Texas this place is huge!  After getting set up, we took a short tour to look over the Rio Grande and Mexico, then we went to the hot springs.  It was 6 pm and 95 degrees.  In the site where the hot springs are located are some ruins of a store.  So we went to look around them.  The site is overhung with cliffs and the cliff swallows have their nests clinging to the sides.  Spectacular! George was taking photos and we were walking toward the ruins when we heard a swallow making such a fuss, George stepped up the stairs to the ruins only to be "rattled" at by a rattlesnake! They really are not aggressive, but they definitely warn you they are there!  Imagine our surprise and delight at finding him!  They site is overrun by lizards, birds, snakes, and I'm sure other things I may not want to meet (lol)!  This morning I awoke at dawn to watch the sun come up over the mountains, and standing in the door of the RV I watched 3 coyotes move through the camp area, maybe I should say I and 4 cats watched the coyotes!  There were 5 sets of wide eyes!  It was awesome, to say the least.  I am excited to see what today holds....There is no cell service and I am using the park WI-Fi to reach you.  Have a great day! Hugs-L

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