Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hi All, We are in Rockport Texas at the Bayview RV Park. We have stayed here before and really like the area. This is our first chance to post from here because they had a very bad lightning storm the day we arrived and it hit their computer system and it has been down for 5 days. The other reason is Verizon hasn't heard of this area yet. Phones barely work on roam and my air card doesn't get any bars at all.We will be moving Monday to Kerrville TX. Hope things work better there.             G

We would have been camped on the beach on Padre Island but the storm did some major beach damage and threw up some major seaweed onto the shoreline, while we could have dealt with that, what was happening was that the sun was drying out the seaweed and the smell was terrific! So we came a little north and settled in at Rockport.  It is a very nice town and the people are extremely friendly and you are still on the waterfront.  The storm also brought out the most ferocious mosquitoes! Thank you, Kelly, for the Bullfrog with repellent! It has keep us relatively bite free! Hugs-L

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