Thursday, June 27, 2013

      We have been busy the last couple of days with our Volunteer Schedules and our time spent getting the float ready for the Fourth of July Parade. We are both still suffering with the altitude and allergy's at the same time. Have a few good days and then the sneezing and coughing comes back as the Cotton Wood trees send out their little puff balls. At some point it almost looks like snow coming down. Last weekend we took a ride into Idaho Falls, why you ask is because it is the largest town within 100 miles of Jackson , a population of 56,000. In this area it is the only place with stores of any size, they are all there so it becomes an outing for major shopping of any kind. You know the great out doors in the West with miles of open space where around the corner is 50 miles. Way Cool. After the Fourth we will start to travel again and do some more NPS sight seeing. Everyone have a Great Fourth .                                                                                 G

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