Saturday, June 1, 2013

    We finally have left the Refuge and the first day on the road was really a pain. The state of Texas decided to replace every bridge and road around Fort Worth at the same time. Sat in traffic for hours just to get passed one city. When we finally broke free of that we ran into some heavy rain and high winds that later turned into the Tornados that hit Oklahoma later that evening. So much for day one. Day two was better except for the 30 mph winds we had to deal with and the brief but heavy down pours this morning and how ironic that we are traveling on State HWY 287. Spent a good part of my working life working just off of State HWY 287 in New Jersey. What is a amazing is that in two days we have traveled almost 650 miles and we are still in Texas. We will make Denver tomorrow and will lay over for two days. Then on to the Elk Refuge . The last group of pictures do no justice to 154 I had to chose from and to post them all would be very hard.                                           G

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