Thursday, June 20, 2013

     We were only going for a little ride on Tuesday and as we rambled around the country side we got totally side tracked and ended up in Yellowstone NP. But as always we had started out heading into Idaho to see what was along the main road as we are really close to the boarder and we saw a sign for the NP so we headed in that direction. We had no idea that one of the North Entrances was in Montana and even though we are in the middle of no where we are close to the corners of three States. So in we went and it was awesome. Hot springs and bison were every where . Of course we are in Yellowstone and most of the Tourists think it's a Disney movie and they are out of their vehicles and walking right up to the Bison who are not very receptive of use humans, Oh well, not very bright. The Park , what little we saw of it as it is huge was absolutely beautiful. No picture could capture the colors or the sheer vastness of it. We drove through 85 miles of it and barely saw a small fraction. Yellowstone Lake is really large and the water is so blue and clear that you can see rocks on the bottom in 20 feet of water. The streams and creeks that feed it are crystal clear and there were many Fly Fisherman every where you looked. The amount of people there is also amazing. According to the local paper there were over 285,000 visitors last week. WOW. But because the Park is so big you didn't feel like it was the Jersey Shore on a summer Saturday . We will make several more trips there soon .             G

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