Monday, June 3, 2013

             We did well with the travel yesterday. We arrived in Strasburg CO  and we had forgotten how really tall trees look. There are no tall trees in Anahauc as the hurricane had destroyed them all. The ride into Colorado was very different as we traveled through the high plains of Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. The high plains of Texas and Oklahoma were almost flat even though the truck new we were going up hill the whole time . The tack was always a little higher than when we were flatlanders. When we left Anahauc we were at Sea level and we are now at five thousand two hundred feet above it. Our ears popped a hundred times on the ride up. All along the way there were tumble weeds blowing across the road and there were hundreds of dust devils all along the route. Some were small and some were hundreds of feet tall, almost like little tornados and the whole time the sky was clear and the wind was very strong. At times it would move the truck and RV from side to side. It was something to see as we moved into the high plains of Colorado , the colors went from browns and grays with something green growing to all the lush green fields and tall trees every where. As we moved further into the high plains of Texas there were many buttes and small volcanic cones , just like the ones we climbed in New Mexico last year. It made us wonder why people would look around and decide that this would be a great place to start a new life and homestead here. It has a beauty when you move through but wow, try and make a home here, they were much hardier than us, for sure. When we moved through the Oklahoma section the Buttes become more dramatic and the grasses were a very muted green and very sparse, but the cattle didn't seem to mind as they munched it. When we entered Colorado the colors changed as if someone had just painted everything with a green brush. The grass, the tress , everything lush. I guess the high mountains we can see from the RV park makes the difference as there seems to be more water everywhere in this area. Enough for now.                                    G

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