Wednesday, June 5, 2013

     We have spent the last two days in the Denver area and it brought back many memories of our honeymoon here a very long time ago. Most of the area has changed a lot in 34 years. Boulder was very different as there are many more homes and people . We did manage to find a small park back in the Collage area of Boulder with a few hold overs from the early 70's, long hair , beards, and all that, probably the teaching staff. We had a great visit with Tony and as always it was to short but it was time to go, and off to Wyoming. We continued our travel on I-287 from Denver , up past Fort Collins and I can say with out a doubt that this is some of the prettiest country we have seen so far. We have been traveling through North West Colorado into South West Wyoming. It is hard to describe the beauty of the country side here as it is very green with snow capped mountains and long rolling plains with many tall stands of trees. In case I forget to mention we are 7800 feet above sea level where we are right now in the town of Rawlins. The sky is just brilliant blue and even though it is only 60 degrees here it is very warm and just a little hard to catch your breath if you move to fast but that will pass soon as we spend a little more time up here. By the way , there are no big cities here and only half a million people here which makes it the least populated state in the nation but is 9th largest in land  mass. Enough for now.                          G

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