Sunday, June 30, 2013

          We had quite an adventure yesterday. We went looking for one of the largest rock slides ever recorded in the world. All I can say is it was awesome. To see where a whole mountain side came tumbling down into a river and created a 250 high dam that took two years to fill with water and only a few minutes to crumble and destroy the Town of Kelly. We hiked some of the debris field and to see the size of some of the rocks that were moved by the water was amazing. After we hiked back to the car we proceeded to follow the road into Bridger-Teton NP. We followed the road that went into a Canyon that went on for 42 miles. As we proceeded further in and the road changed into gravel and then dirt I realized that several of the Ranches we had driven by had no utilities at all. Can you imagine living off the grid in today's world , no power or phone service. There are really still some true Pioneers left in our Country. The ride was absolutely beautiful with the different colors of the mountains and the rivers and lakes along our route. We stopped for a short while an we had hoped to see the Beaver who had built a dam on a small stream by the road that had raised the water level higher than the road bed. Just amazing. So many Natural Wonders here I wish you all could see what we see, there is just no way to put into words or even pictures.                                                                       G

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