Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yesterday we did Pelican Banding

Yesterday morning we took a little boat ride out to the Pelican Breeding Island out in the Sound. It was an almost perfect day to go out to an Island and do some Pelican Banding.

The day started out a little cloudy and there was a nice breeze and as we got off the boat we started to upset the Pelicans because they sensed we were going to come into the nesting area. This was the second trip out to the Island in a three week time frame.

As we moved onshore more birds started to leave. It was interesting to see all the Adult birds leave and settle in just off the Beach and wait for us to finish our work.

These young Pelicans are still flightless and are really large. The nests are just some sticks piled up on the ground or on a short  bush with the branches crushed down.

There were hundreds of these guys and we managed to Band 569 of these Juveniles and it was just awesome.

It was a good day. They are really so soft and once you pick them up they really don't struggle much. Their only defense is if they have just feed they bring up their last meal on you which is all small partly digested fish.

This poor baby is only about 3 weeks old and he just hung there and it seemed so sad.

Lauren deals with a Baby that did not want to be picked up and be Banded but once she had his Beak and wings he just came along.

These guys are from a week to two days old. We found several nests like this and we were told that even the little one will make it. They just so cute and kind of reminded us of little Pterodactyls . It was a great day for us and there maybe another trip in a few weeks to get a few more of the new little ones Banded. 

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