Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hurricane Arthur on the 4th

        Well today the Park service came around and gave us the 48 hour warning that we may have to leave the Bodie Island RV Pads if the evacuation order comes out Thursday Morning. If that happens we will move inland for a day and then come back to the Pads if there is no damage. The Ranger said that during Sandy the RV Pads were under water for a couple of days. As usual the Weather channel is dancing on air as they have some bad weather to report. So far NOA and the local stations are taking a different look at the storm but we decided to be ready to go if it does become a Cat 1 or 2. Better safe than rocking and rolling , we did that once here 4 years ago and got cut off down in Hatteras for a couple of days. It was an interesting 12 hours that we don't need to do again if we don't have to. It is a shame as Coleen is with us for the week and the weather has been just awesome so far and she was looking forward to some more Sun Burn and being tumbled in the Surf a few more times. Oh well this is life on a Sand Bar. It's awesome staying on the Beach and it will be just a minor glitch in our stay here. We really love Volunteering at Pea Island and everyone here is just so easy to work with and the people passing through the Visitor Center are for the most part just so pleasant as they are all on Vacation. The storm will put a damper on the 4th here but no storm can stop the exhilaration of the day as we once again we celebrate the Birth of the Greatest Nation this Earth has ever seen. The only regret we have this year is that we won't be doing a 4th of July program like we did last year in Jackson , WY. The float we built and the parade was just some thing to see , when the whole town turned out and most of the visitors did too. The town has 7,000 full time residents and an influx of around 50,000 visitors during their short summer season. When you have a five mile parade route and the people are 10 deep on each side of the road for the whole route you really feel good about the day and it reaffirms  my hope for our nation.  We do get to meet a lot of Retired Military in the course of running the Visitor Center and it makes us feel good to see them enjoying our little part of our Beautiful  Nation .     We give our most Respectful and Heartfelt thanks to all our Veterans on this upcoming day, please enjoy yourself and have a great day.             G

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