Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yesterday and today

Another beautiful Sunset and then again we are now getting ready for some weather.

The fishing wasn't  to good but then again there are no bad days of fishing. Some are just better than others.

It's always the same, take a picture of someone taking a picture. But you have to love the day. warm water and plenty of sun.

We had a great day with the ghost Crabs. Lauren was feeding them and they  hung around us all day.

Lauren having a hoot feeding the Laughing Gulls some Cheese Doodle. the poor guys would eat a few and then go for a drink to help get hem down.
We had birds everywhere for a bit and then we ran out of bird feed, as you can see it was not the best bird food but who can say , they hang around in fast food parking lots.

A happy smile .

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