Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We were fishing yesterday and the Willets were every where ,running up and down the beach in the surf. They would pick all sorts of small critters and just swallow them down.

The Pelicans are always flying back and forth as they fish along the coast line.

The fish were biting but I was not catching. Only one Skate and he was only about 18 inches . Lauren did some Reiki on him and I put him back in the surf.

We got to watch the Dolphin most of the time we were there. They had schooled up some fish and they just went back and forth always just far enough away to keep away from the beach and the fish away from my hooks.

The Pelicans and an area closed off as there is a Turtle nest in between the poles. The nest is real close to where we are parked we hope to see them hatch out.
Some of the Marsh and Swamp Mallows in bloom behind the Pea Island visitor Center.

One of the many Osprey nests in the area and the little ones are getting ready to leave the nest.

All the Crape Myrtles are in bloom on Roanoke Island and we see them every time we go to the Main Visitor Center.

This little guy challenged me the other day when I went out side of the RV to do some clean up.

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