Saturday, July 12, 2014

On the beach

The Beach after the Hurricane has a bit more debris on it now , the wind and the storm tide brought in a lot of sea grass and drift wood.

The Ghost Crabs love the grass and always seem to find something to eat in it.

Of course in the scheme of things the grass brings out the crabs and the crabs bring out the Gulls. The little guy put up an heroic fight, it was something to watch as the crab used his claws and fought for his life.

To no avail the Gull was to much for him.

And the Gull swallows his prize.

With the Gulls on the prowl the little crabs find ways to hide and still have a meal from the sea grass.
Last Mondays sunset.

We went for a ride down towards Hatteras on Monday and they are still cleaning up hurricane debris . There were huge piles of every thing on the road side and they were using huge track mounted shovels to fill the 30 yard dumpster trucks as they went. They would stop the traffic for 15 minutes at a time to allow the machines to swing out over the road to do their job.

As we drove along the road we saw miles of sea grass that had washed up onto the road. When we went through the National Park we were amazed at the miles of grass that covered the road and how high the water had risen form the Sound Side.

This fence was a real reminder as to how high the water came. The Sea Grass caught in it shows that if those vehicles had been their they would have been submerged.

I would hate to have been the contractor boss who made the decision to leave a crane with a hundred foot boom standing on sand in the new inlet area as they try to build a bridge across it. The inlet filled with water once again and the shoring they had under the unit just gave way. They brought in a smaller crane to take the large one apart.

A tricky pick alongside of the high power lines. The lines were turned off during the storm to minimize the damage to them but now they are once again powered.

As the water ripped through the area it also washed away all the Turtle nests and Turn nests that were in the area. How sad that they also were victims of the storm .

Bodie Island Light House from the NPS Marina .

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